Good Night Princess Pruney Toes 

By Lisa McCourt

Illustrated by Cyd Moore




Book Description

The best-selling team of Lisa McCourt and Cyd Moore have created another winner in the same imaginative, fun-loving style as their previous collaborations, I Love You, Stinky Face; I Miss You, Stinky Face; and It’s Time For School, Stinky Face.

When an adorable little girl gets out of the bath, she’s Princess Pruney Toes and her father is Sir Daddy, a royal helper at her service! When Princess Pruney Toes asks for a nightgown of spun gold, star-shaped princess treats, minty princess toothpaste, and royal wings to help her fly around her kingdom, Sir Daddy lovingly obliges.

This special bedtime story is sure to be a favorite with little girls and daddies everywhere.


From Publishers Weekly

The team behind I Love You, Stinky Face serves up a tale of bedtime shenanigans with a father-daughter spin. “Time to dry off then, Princess Pruney Toes!” a father tells his daughter when she pokes her “shrivelly and wrinkled” big toe out of the tub to show it off. This casual remark sparks the girl’s imagination: she zips off to find her princess crown, dubs her father “Sir Daddy” and begins to make royal demands (e.g., she prefers a gown to her usual crocodile jammies). Her father gamely joins in the charade (“Here is an exquisite gown of pure spun gold. May I help you into it?”), and on the final spread, he tucks her in and grants her wish “to be your most special and favorite girl forever.” McCourt sprinkles on the sugar a bit heavily, but adroitly conveys the bond between father and daughter as well as the fanciful role-playing between parent and child. Punching up her pastel palette with shades of purple and orange, Moore’s exuberant watercolors include warm domestic details such as fuzzy household pets and cozy bedroom slippers. An amiable bedtime outing. Ages 4-8.


From School Library Journal

A delightful romp to bedtime. This story opens with the “princess,” a towheaded preschooler, lingering in her bath, thus earning the name Princess Pruney Toes from her ingenious father. He guides her to bed, sticking to his schedule, but allowing for fun and games along the way. The child knows what she wants-dessert, certain pajamas, time with her pets. Finally, she is asleep. This story is unusual for several reasons-“Sir Daddy” is preparing his daughter for bed in an imaginative manner, “Ms. Princess” is boisterous and mischievous without being bratty, and her dad succeeds in getting her to bed without too much complaint. The illustrations are vibrant and active, complementing the story perfectly. The household activities are realistic-many preschoolers will recognize the little girl’s toys and room. The love between parent and child is demonstrated through text and illustration. Families everywhere will enjoy tucking their children in with their own variations on this story.

-Susan Marie Pitard, formerly at Weezie Library for Children, Nantucket Atheneum, MA –¬†Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.