I Love You, Bunny Rabbit

By Shulamith Levey Oppenheim

Illustrated by Cyd Moore

Boyds Mills Press



Book Description

Bunny Rabbit is tattered and torn–but Micah loves Bunny Rabbit. When Mama takes Micah to the toy store to buy a new bunny, he sees shelves full of new stuffed animals. None can compare with Bunny Rabbit. Micah loves his rabbit above all others. A lovingly told story illustrated with warmth and affection.



Ages 3-6. Micah’s Bunny Rabbit has been so well loved that it has no fur left and is covered with spots of chocolate milk, applesauce, and muddy water. The rabbit is still a mess after a bath, so Mama insists they take a trip to the store to buy a new stuffed animal. But eventually Mama comes to understand that a new friend could never take the place of her daughter’s rabbit. This tender story of love, friendship, acceptance, and understanding is told in a reassuring manner. Illustrations of various sizes and shapes are executed in colored pencil and watercolor. A soothing tale for story times.

– April Judge ©1995, American Library Association. All rights reserved.