It’s Time For School, Stinky Face

By Lisa McCourt

Illustrated by Cyd Moore

Scholastic Publishers



Book Description

This imaginative little boy is not at all sure about going to school, and he has a whole bunch of questions for his mom. what if the school bus gets a flat tire? What if a spaceship lands next to the jungle gym at recess? And what if all the desks start flying around the classroom?

With some reassuring answers from his quick-thinking mama, the little boy soon realizes that going to school might be more fun than he ever thought possible. Stinky Faces everywhere will adore this magical new book by Lisa McCourt and Cyd Moore, creators of the best-selling “I Love You, Stinky Face.”


From Horn Book

A boy’s wild, meandering fantasies about what could possibly go wrong at school are answered with compassion, humor, and just as much imagination by his sympathetic mother. The text works hard to portray the boy’s naïvete, but the illustrations make full use of each spread, conveying the tremendous energy of any young school-age child.

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From Booklist

Ages 3-6. The boy and his mother from I Love You, Stinky Face (1997) are back. Starting school is the situation this time, and again the picture book counters a kid’s fears with his mother’s warm, funny reassurance. The boy imagines wild, scary “What if?” scenarios on the school bus, in the classroom, and on the playground. Mama answers with even wilder solutions that extend his slapstick fantasies of flying desks, visiting aliens, and teacher witches. The pictures are too busy this time (it’s barely possible to see the school through the splattered farce), and this certainly doesn’t have the wry wit of Rosemary Wells’ Timothy Goes to School (1981). But kids will like the message that everyone has exaggerated panic fantasies and that, far from being an alien at school, the kid will be accepted for the great guy he is.

–Hazel Rochman – Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved