In conferences, women’s groups, schools, college classes and more, Cyd’s high energy presentations have delighted all ages.Her illustrations are strokes of magic.  Her enthusiasm for life, reading, and art leaves audiences with a new understanding and joy for the world of children’s books.

”In temperament and manner, Moore embodies southern gentility.  She sings her words and spreads her expression as broad upturned brush strokes.  The same wonder and innocence captured on the animated faces and settings of her books can be found at the corners of her eyes and mouth.”

-Frank Provensano, The Observer & Eccentric Newspapers

Visits in-person and over the internet

Want a school visit, but budgets are limited?  Get creative with some of these great ideas:

In-school visits are always best, but Cyd sometimes chats with classrooms over the internet using Skype


Hilarious stories and fabulous art

Cyd’s AV program traces the beginnings of an art career that began as a pre-schooler.  Charming crayon drawings of earless cats, princesses, and mom and baby brother prove that artists aren’t always born with exceptional talent! By practicing what you love and trying hard enough, dreams really do manifest in amazing ways! 

 Cyd delights kids with spontaneous drawings of wild creatures (teachers can make copies of these for all of the students to color themselves!)  A natural storyteller, her hilarious southern adventures have the audience laughing and LISTENING. After experiencing a day with Cyd Moore, everyone is inspired to live their lives with a bit more passion!

Why should parents read to their kids?

Why should parents read to their kids?  Click here to visit Just One More Book and listen to Cyd’s interview

What people are saying about Cyd’s presentations:

“Cyd Moore’s energy is contagious.  My students were spell bound by her. They couldn’t wait to draw and write their own stories, many of them wanted to illustrate Cyd’s life.  What a life!!!”

“It was such a pleasure having you at Edmonson Elementary School last week. The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed your upbeat, motivational presentation.  All month long we celebrated March is Reading Month, and your visit truly inspired our children to view books as a wonderful learning tool.  Thank you for sharing your talent and positive message.  We are grateful for the joy you bring to the world of literacy.”

-Edmonson Reading Teachers

“We came in from recess and all the students wanted to do was draw and read.  We put away the worksheets, got out the paper and markers, and drew for the rest of the afternoon.  The kids were so inspired!”

“You want to get your kids excited about books?  Bring Cyd Moore to your school.  They will always remember this author visit…nobody can forget her energy and enthusiasm.  She’s delightful!”

“Dear Cyd: Days after your visit I am still being stopped by teachers, students, and parents telling me how much they enjoyed your presentation. You truly engaged the students at our schools.  You made them laugh, but you also inspired them with your talent, perseverance, and hard work ethic.  I know from past visits by authors that holding the attention of elementary students in no easy task.  You were a rocket to the sky success.  Your upbeat personality is in your artwork.  Listening to you and viewing your artwork from age 5 to your present success level really brought out the joy of loving what you do.”
    –Library Media Specialist, Teton County Schools, Jackson, WY

“Some authors/illustrators don’t connect with the students. We’ve hosted many author days, and some were good experiences and  others weren’t so great.  I don’t think anyone could ever be disappointed with Cyd. 

 She spoke at 10 schools and our whole district was buzzing about her terrific presentations.  She signed hundreds of books-personalizing each and every one, drew pictures, and told the craziest stories.  The kids just love her!”

“…she’s tells these wild stories, and draws at the same time, and the students hang on every word.  We even had her into our middle school.  Not many people can impress an eighth grader.  Almost everyone left smiling like kindergarteners.”

Program for schools:
  • Up to 3 sessions/day at one school
  • Booksigning during lunch or after school
  • Up to 300 students per session

Equipment to be supplied by school:

Cyd brings a terrific Powerpoint presentation and her own A/V equipment.  The only things you’ll need to provide are:

  • Big screen or white wall
  • Table – about 5 ft long
  • Microphone
  • Extension cord & power strip
  • Lots of interested kids!
Get kids inspired!

Read Cyd’s books to the children several days before. Talk to them about illustrating and writing books…the more informed they are about the presenter, the more they enjoy and understand the special day.

For more information on hosting a great author day, go to Author Day Tips or visit Scholastic’s Guide for Author Day vists.

Booking an appearance

Send an email (mailatcydmooredotcom) and include possible dates and type of event. Someone will be in touch very soon!
If you’ve enjoyed one of Cyd’s presentations and want to encourage others to experience her presentation, please send a note of recommendation.



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