I am a painter, a storyteller, a seeker and a joy-bringer

For decades, I’ve been creating picture books for smiling children, painting with wild abandon, and exploring the deeper mysteries of the heart and mind.

I passionately believe that all of us are born with infinite potential for love, creativity, and happiness. Paying attention to the whispers of our souls frees us to come out and play and to remember who we really are. Way beyond all of that pesky conditioning of our past, live the open hearted versions of us, longing to express magnificence.

My intention is to bravely follow the quiet nudges through every painting, project, and personal challenge. I feel honored and full of gratitude for the random connections and inspirations that come my way. I've gotta say, it's been fun so far.

On this site, you'll see some past work, some new work, and more surprises. Enjoy, and thanks ya'll for stopping by!